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Hello, there!

JeanC Studio celebrates the often bold, often simple and always colorful essence of nature with original designs and goods for your home and beyond. Modern illustration and pattern designs and rich color palettes on a variety of eco friendly products are meant to create a path from the outdoor to the indoor you.

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Eco Friendly Tote Bags! From large to small, for carrying lots of essentials or just a sprig or two of kale, or two bottles of wine⏤these 100% cotton bags are a lovely reminder that we have only this one planet. We've got to get it right!

My Philosophy

When I started creating my own products, I worked hard to source materials and packaging that meet my requirements for sustainability and an eye towards being eco friendly. I try to support other businesses who are also passionate about reducing their climate impact. I’m not perfect, and there are always ways to improve, but I try to consider everything I use in my business and my personal life carefully. Currently the steps I take to offer eco friendly products include:

Image by Victoria Nazaruk

my products

Sell products that use natural or recycled fabrics, taking into consideration the fabric printing process, water use, type of inks and ensuring that my products have the least environmental impact

Image by Jachan DeVol

saving trees

Use only recycled or FSC certified sustainable paper for paper products and packaging

Image by Ales Krivec

print on demand

Use Print on Demand services to manufacture and ship my products. Because products are only printed when ordered, there's less waste.

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