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Eco Friendly totes and bags

These totes and small canvas bags are not only attractive, but they help you do your part to care for the environment. They're all 100% cotton and built to last. Buy several and keep them in your car for shopping or to hold loose items. Every time you use your eco friendly cotton tote or small cotton bag, you'll feel better about doing your part to live sustainably. Each one features original illustrations and patterns designed by me!

Single-use plastic litter is far from a minor concern. The energy used to make plastic bags comes initially from the mining of the raw materials needed to make them. The process of natural gas and petroleum extraction requires a lot of energy. The raw materials must then be refined and processed, which requires even more energy. While polyethylene can be reprocessed and used to make new plastic bags, most plastic bags are only used once or twice before they end up being incinerated or discarded in landfills. The Wall Street Journal estimated that Americans use and dispose of 100 billion plastic bags each year; and the EPA found that less than five percent are recycled. 

Small mid century modern style bird
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